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7 ways your Social Media may be searched

Social Media Laws of attraction 

1) I will go to my lists/ groups which contain my most important users (VIPs) and see what is the most up to date to the important up to the minute messages
2) I may be seeking information before seeking a VIP profile so I will go to the specific category (group or list) that houses that topic and see what user is connected to that subject
3) Next the information that I seek will be right in the status or message but 99% of the time I will have to follow the rabbit trail
4) The rabbit trail comes in the form of a website link, blog, or adobe launch that again 99% of the time leads me to an article of some kind
5) If the information that I am seeking takes me too long to travel too, I will become turned off and I will seek the next VIP user or group
6) Next I will only read or gather the info I am looking for if it is no more than 1 or 2 paragraphs long (bullets and numbering are a huge plus), otherwise I am turned off and will again go on to the next VIP
7) But if the data that I seek comes in the form of a let’s say 50 page report (e book) this is very attractive to me and I will download to my desktop so I can see it anytime I am in front of my PC (as a reminder) but don’t usually read the full report for a few days sometimes weeks or more specifically when the information is critical for me to absorb

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