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The best way to fire you up on momentum is to break out a “Game Changer”. You are down by 6 with 30 seconds left until halftime and the ball is in your red zone with the other team digging into score. There QB drops back and you pick off his pass and return it for 6 going into the locker room with a the lead as long as you don’t blow the kick. The home crowd goes nuts and you lead the halftime speech back in the locker room. You have just swung the momentum in your favor. The point is the other team was in the red zone; you can’t miss the extra point or bobble the ball and or drop it. You now own the beginning of the 3rd quarter and maybe all of the second half because the wave of energy you just created has blown the doors of the house. You must at all times have control of your environment. If you lose control you must recreate it.

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