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Members Only Bonus Lesson 2

September 25, 2009 Leave a comment

Bonus Lesson 2                                Year 1

Top 5 Training Stops and Starts

  1. Stop using filler words like “aaaa” and “ok”

Start using power words and phrases like “dynamic” and “astounding.” Catch 22 Here… But don’t just use “big” words to sound smart. Remember to keep it simple.

  1. Stop wandering around the classroom when you train.

Start moving with purpose. Find a spot and go to it. Why are you going there? What purpose does it have?

  1. Stop dressing with dull blacks, grays, and whites (sometimes is ok…if you do it right)

Start power dressing. You could where a black shirt with a pink tie. Or maybe break out that red dress with the eye catching design on it. Go for it. Dress to impress.

  1. Stop answering every question they ask. What?

Start to unleash the growth in your class. Let the audience take on tough questions. This will help you gauge their knowledge retention and will also build trust for you and the group. Ultimately this will create assistance for you in the long term because you will be allowing the superstars to help the green horns.

  1. Stop your boring monotone sentences.

Start and end every sentence with rolling hills of excitement. You want your tone and calculated levels of voice style to dress your curriculum with impact. This technique is most important for the information you want them to really internalize.

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